Kitchen Soap Staytion

We previously had a problem with where to keep the hand soap by the sink. We prefer the liquid hand soap because it's less messy. We would keep a pump container by the sink and put it in the sink when we traveled. Unfortunately, a small amount of the soap would leak out into the sink while driving. Normally this wouldn't be a big deal, but the soap would dull the finish on the sink if left on it too long. Then we happened upon the Thetford Soap Staytion at Camping World. The base has adhesive on it and is "glued" down onto the counter top. You just pop a container of Thetford hand soap onto the base and it stays firmly in place. Now the soap is stable and handy all the time. The soap is not too bad as well. It comes out foamy.  

Update 2012: I developed an allergy to this soap and now get a prominent rash if I use it. I think I'll just put a different soap inside the pump bottle to keep its convenient location.

In addition to the soap container, you can see our Pur water filter attached to the faucet. Just turn the black valve and the water goes through the filter for drinking water. We also have an outside filter for our water hose as seen here .