RV History

1963 - My family gets its first travel trailer, an 18' Frolic. I am introduced to the joys of RVing before the term RV was even coined. No battery other than when plugged into the tow car. Water system requires tire pump to pressurize.

1968 - My family upgrades to a 27' Airstream travel trailer. This one was really nice. By now, we have traveled all over much of North America.

1971 - Occasional tenting. What can I say, my college years.

1985 - 18' Wilderness travel trailer. The first RV of our own.

1989 - 19' Falcon Class B motor home (by Intervec). This was perfect for us while our son was small.

1995 - 21' Montara by Tioga, Class C motor home. Gave us the extra room the 3 of us needed for our trips around the country. We loved this camper and have many great memories with it.

2003 - 19' Roadtrek 190 Versatile. This fits our changing needs perfectly.