Why A Roadtrek?

We have had many great experiences with our 21' Class C Montara. It was a joy to drive and great for extended camping trips. We could not, however, keep it parked in our side driveway due to homeowners association restrictions. By being kept off in a storage lot, we found we only used it once a year for our summer vacation, exploring a portion of the USA. We also, on occasion, found that we could not go to a few places we would have liked (particularly in cities) due to the size of our Montara and difficulties with finding parking. Oh yes, my wife does not like to drive the Montara.

With the prospect of becoming empty nesters, we felt we would like to do some traveling with just the two of us. When I say traveling, I mean touring. Visiting interesting places, trying new, different, and great restaurants. Staying at nice resorts in addition to camping at nicer and more scenic campgrounds. We wanted something that was easy to park and maneuver in traffic, yet had a bathroom and shower for those scenic campgrounds. The kitchen was not a high priority since we eat almost all our meals out while on the road. We wanted something that felt equally at ease either pulling up to a hotel, or pulling into a campground. Having had a class B motor home before, we knew something along that line would fit our bill.

What really attracted us to the Roadtrek was its looks. There is no doubt that the Roadtrek is the best looking camping van out there. With its ground effects package, I think it's even nicer looking than most non-camping conversion vans. It just doesn't look like a camping van. And that was important to us, since we can keep it parked in our driveway (although we keep it in covered storage for the off season - our garage cannot be modified to fit it). The other aspect of the Roadtrek that sold it to us was the quality of the conversion. The fit and finish is outstanding, with high quality material used throughout. It's kind of hard to evaluate this during the brief period before buying. After living with it for a few months, I am even more impressed with the quality of both the van and the Home & Park conversion. This beats our previous Falcon by quite a bit. After our first trip, we are extremely pleased we chose the Roadtrek (see RT Impressions).