Water Quick Connects

To streamline our water connection at campsites, I've installed high quality hose quick connects at all critical junctions. This involved buying 3 male and 4 female quick connects from the hardware store (Lowes in my case). I found the kind that have the larger diameter opening, without any o-ring work the best (this type uses the rubber washer in the hose end to make the connection watertight). The quick connects are permanently tightened securely in place with pliers. When pulling into the campsite, I screw the adapter onto the campground faucet, plug the filter assembly onto the Roadtrek, and plug the hose into the campground faucet quick connect. I turn the faucet on and run water through the hose to flush it out, then plug the other end of the hose into the filter assembly (the shutoff valve makes this easy to do without having to go back to the faucet). I've never had any leaks or dripping from the quick connects and setup is literally a snap!

This is a common external RV filter available at WalMart, Camping World, our local hardware store and several other places. It comes with the stiff hose extender as a kit. I added the elbow as well as a male quick connect at the inlet and female quick connect at the other end.

On our hose, I added a pressure limiter and male quick connect on the side that goes to the campground faucet. The other end, that goes to the filter, gets a water shut off and a female quick connect. These two ends are connected together for storage to keep water from dripping from the hose.

This shutoff valve with a female quick connect gets screwed onto the campground faucet. I used a shutoff valve here to protect the quick connect, since it's cheaper to replace the shutoff valve.

Here is everything plugged together. The short extender brings the filter down just below the running board, but keeps it off the ground. When I have the filter assembly unplugged from the camper, I put a female quick connect with screw-in plug (sitting on the ground next to the filter in this picture) onto the campers male quick connect to keep it clean while traveling. This gets stored in the adjacent storage compartment while camping.

Here's a close-up of the city water inlet on the Roadtrek with the protective female quick connect and end plug attached. All set for travel.